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gluten-free bread recipe from AllergydietŪ

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"Great bread recipe.. definitely recommend it to anyone on a gluten free diet" - 720423 (ebay)

"this is the best gluten free bread recipe we have found to date. well worth it." - tigersusan2005(ebay)


GF Donuts Recipe from AllergydietŪ


"Excellent recommended recipe our 5 year old was thrilled, better than the prepak" - clare8892 (ebay)

"Just made the bread, really tasty and best of all my son is eating it, thanks" - gareth295 (ebay)


GF Muffins recipe by AllergydietŪ





Gluten Free Bread Rolls Recipe from AllergydietŪ






Gluten Free Pizza Recipe from AllergydietŪ






Learn the secrets to making the best Gluten Free Bread ever!

"Bread is at the heart of every diet"

We reveal the tricks and tips that will make sandwich quality Gluten Free bread.

Stop wasting your money on store bought vacuum packed bricks of stodge. We have all bought disappointing Gluten Free products in the hope that "this time it will be edible" only to find that it isn't.

- Our recipe produces light, tasty, sandwich quality bread.

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- Our recipes are easy to follow, packed with hints and tips to give outstanding results every time.

- In our experience, these are the best recipes, producing the best results that you will find anywhere.

"Perfect recipe, very much appreciated by my dad. Highly recommended" - funtime4444 (ebay)

Gluten free food does not keep like regular food does, this is why shop bought products are either vacuum packed or rammed full of preservatives. The only way to get fantastic quality bread, cakes and treats, is to make them yourself, and we have built our cookbook with that in mind, to give you the best food, that is easy to prepare, and most of all, great to eat.

Only by making bread and other Gluten free foods for yourself can you be sure that you are avoiding any ingredients that will upset you, as well as getting a fantastic quality of food.

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gluten-free Lemon and Lime Cheesecake photo
The best Gluten and Dairy Free Lemon and Lime Cheesecake you will ever taste!!
gluten-free cheesecake recipe from AllergydietŪ

"An excellent coeliac-friendly recipe. We are saving a fortune - many thanks !!!" - hallmark54(ebay)

Only freshly made gluten free bread is as moist & fluffy as bread should be. The results from gluten free bread recipes vary enormously, we have tried most of the more available ones and didn't find one that gave good results time after time.

Our desire for GF bread of such high quality that you would find it hard to tell that it was gluten free at all led us to develop our own.

It took many months making mistakes and throwing away the results, but we now have what we consider to be the ultimate gluten free bread recipe.

"wow so much better than my usual housebrick/sandbag effort! My son loves it A++++" - mum2mikey (ebay)

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I considered a world without a proper sandwich to be unthinkable, that is why this recipe exists. Just because you are on a restrictive diet why should you have to dread meal times. With our gluten free bread recipe you can start to enjoy food again.

If your health has suffered due to food intolerance, celiac disease etc it is quite important to stabilize your diet in order to let your body start to recover and repair itself. Bread opens up your menu lunches which I found particularly difficult without bread.

Not only do we have a fantastic bread recipe, but we also have what we consider to be the best gluten free bread roll recipe available. These GF rolls are just like normal rolls but in addition are very practical as they freeze well and yet still make fantastic lunch rolls once defrosted.

"Retail GF bread is usually pretty vile. THIS bread is a little taste of heaven." - magiccolin (ebay)

Our Gluten free donuts are although we say it ourselves, fantastic, light, fluffy, the perfect treat especially if you have a diet that is very restrictive.

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We are constantly adding new recipes to our collection. All these recipes are tested vigorously to ensure that they pass our stringent quality control checks.

Only when we are completely satisfied that a recipe tastes and behaves like normal food does will we add it to the site.

We hope you find what you are looking for and that our recipes improve your lives as much as they have improved ours.



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