Plus Size Clothes

For some time those ladies with a larger body frame have felt left out of the fashion scene. The clothes available to them were unattractive and lacked style and colour often resembling curtains or tents.

Now these larger ladies no longer have to wear ugly clothes. Now a large woman has the same choice as the smaller frame ladies. Women are now able to dress to suit their bodies and size and not feel the need to hide in the shadows.

The market has at long last responded to the needs of the section of the shoppers that want larger sized clothing together with colours and style that are fashionable and comfortable.

Clothes manufacturers have at last acknowledged that there is a big business opportunity to respond to the needs of the plus size woman. The size of women has been increasing over the past few years and at last manufacturers are responding accordingly.

Larger women have become happy with both their bodies and their weight. Having gone through the process of dieting and working out to keep slim and finding that is does not work for them many women are now very happy with the way they are and the way they look and more importantly they way they feel. These plus size ladies now want clothes to fit their new found freedom

The quoted average women’s dress size has been fixed in the minds of people for many years and has at long last been acknowledged too be larger than has been previously recognised. Names given to clothing sizes has often been misleading and demoralising for the larger lady.

Frequently ranges of plus size clothes have been promoted with sizes 12 to 24 when it does not make sense to believe that anyone who is size 12 can be overweight.

Now all is changed, whatever your size a range of clothes is available to enable every woman to feel and look good in the clothes she buys. More and more stores are adding a plus size to the ranges they sell. There are also shops that concentrate solely on clothes in the plus sizes. Many on line shops stock ranges of clothes that are beautiful and appropriate for every occasion.

If you have been slow to catch onto this new shopping opportunity just go out there and see what is available for the larger ladies. No matter what size you are there are clothes of all styles, designs and colours that are ready for you to snap up.

48 Responses to Plus Size Clothing
  1. Isn’t plus size the new normal?

  2. It took the fashion industry a while to get up to speed with social norms, but today, at long last we seem to have a massive variety of fashionable clothing for larger sizes. I’m a curvy 20 and have a great looking wardrobe

  3. Isn’t it wrong to normalise overweight people? What chance does the next generation stand if we tell them its ok to eat junk until the get fat? It must cost the NHS Billions every year to deal with a problem caused by laziness and poor diet.

  4. That’s nonsense…. I bet you are overweight?

  5. I agree with Life5tyle, surely if we educate our children to fuel themselves with better quality nutritional foods then it doesn’t matter what the shops try to sell us, we would be healthier.

    The problem with that idea is that i don’t have much faith in 50% of the people in the country to learn anything, or fight the desire for unhealthy junk food.

  6. Eat less, exercise more….. it’s not complicated

  7. As far as I am aware it’s not compulsory to eat rubbish constantly. You have a choice.

  8. Back in the day, only wealthy people were overweight, today, our growing size is a clear indication that as a nation we are prospering, can afford to eat far more than we used to and do less manual labour.

  9. People will always follow the path of least resistance, with such busy, hectic, time precious lives, it is no surprise that people order in takeaway food rather than take extra time to cook real food…… how do you solve that problem?

  10. Weight and obesity is set to become a major issue that will bring the NHS to its knees.


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