Choosing the right Children’s Bedroom Furniture

If you are planning to decorate and re-furnish your children’s bedroom many things have to be considered. The age of the children and the size of the room are probably the two most important issues.

Children of a certain age form ideas and can have exotic choices in colours and designs. As parents you probably want the completed bedroom to last and not become dated and therefore may want to tone down some colours or features.

Paint colours are available for both walls and furniture in such variety that compromises can be made whilst still providing the basic choices of the children. The planning of any new bedroom furniture should be a well thought out process. What are your aims for the children by way of training them to keep the bedroom tidy and well organised.

Storage is probably at the top your list and in most plans for a new bedroom a good starting place is perhaps with under bed storage drawers. These can be used for toys and encourage children to put things away when they are finished playing.

Bedside tables, can provide draw space and with specific drawers for separate articles encouraging children to use them. A bedside lamp could be one way to introduce cartoon characters or current favourite topics. Whether choosing a single bed or bunk beds they can always come with storage under.

Wardrobes provide space for hanging clothes and a drawer unit with spaces allocated to individual items of clothing can stimulate the children to want to put things away and keep their bedroom tidy.

Installing this new bedroom furniture should involve the children to organise the new units. A drawer for socks, another for t shirts and another for underwear makes life easier for the children and showing folding techniques encourages tidy ways.

Also as part of training a laundry basket should be part of the bedroom plan. Encouraging your children to use it and not put their dirty laundry on the floor waiting for someone else to collect. A vanity dressing unit can be included with hairbrushes and the like on as an incentive to carry out personal habits.

Small plug in night lights can be added to provide a little light for children overnight. In a well thought out bedroom design spaces will be found for the children’s special items either books or stuffed toys which have become favourites or models that have been made.

The finished product should be attractive and functional as well as fulfilling the needs of the children as well as the parents.

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